WedTalks 2020 – Inspiration And Education To Grow Your Wedding Business

We are excited to announce the guest speakers for this autumn’s WedTalks which is to be held here, at Chateau Saint Georges on November 13th. Today we are going to share more about who they are, and what they will be speaking about – with the overall aim to inspire you to grow your wedding business.


WedTalks 2020 - Inspiration And Education To Grow Your Wedding Business

Laura Payne-StanleyMaking More Money From Weddings

Following on from the current uncertain times, renowned destination wedding consultant Laura Payne-Stanley will be discussing how to prepare for the future of destination weddings and what strategies you can use to make more profit from weddings, that you have already booked, as well as options for diversifying your revenue.

Laura is the founder of the multi-award winning wedding platform French Wedding Style, and also Director of ElevateLABS helping creative entrepreneurs succeed and grow their business using corporate growth strategies. Laura has been a successful entrepreneur for over a decade, and as a certified Coach, Hypnotherapist, and consultant, loves to work with creatives, to turn their passion into highly profitable businesses, from start-ups to elevating through internal systems, outsourcing and revenue streams. When not working with her clients, Laura can be found on the final stretches of a 5 year house renovation project or on the Dorset coastline with her husband.


WedTalks 2020 - Inspiration And Education To Grow Your Wedding Business

Blake Ezra – The Human Side to High End Weddings

Blake Ezra shoots mainly high end weddings and is hugely into the ‘human’ side of things, always relying on connections and chemistry. Blake will talk about challenges from a photographers’ perspective and how planners can help to achieve the best images and how to bring your life experiences into what you do for your couples.

Having photographed the British Royal Family, six UK Prime Ministers, private events for Hollywood ‘A Listers’ and State Banquets in Royal Palaces, Blake Ezra is firmly established as a top international photographer with a stellar reputation. His photographs hang on the walls of private homes and in the offices of world leaders alike. However, he is more than a photographer. With a degree in Middle Eastern Studies, Blake is a published writer who has been invited to address students at Cambridge University. Before photography, Blake had a distinguished career in youth work and was presented to Her Majesty the Queen at St. James’ Palace in recognition of his contribution to community causes. Despite being self-taught, Blake has developed a complete syllabus of photography workshops for all ages, educating with a unique blend of informal education, passionately teaching others the practicalities of photography through his many years of varied experiences.


WedTalks 2020 - Inspiration And Education To Grow Your Wedding Business


Lydia Yianni – The New Vision & Opportunities for European Weddings

Lydia talks from a Destination Wedding Planner’s point of view, and will share everything that you need to do to prepare your business for 2021 and beyond.

Lydia is the Founder and Creative Director of ‘Love Lydia Weddings & Events’ and is passionate about creating and delivering stunning, seamless and spectacular celebrations. Her vision is that each special occasion evokes luxury, sophistication and elegance whilst alleviating the stress often associated with the planning of high-end events. Lydia’s portfolio includes weddings in the U.K and internationally. Her expertise and professional approach have earned her recognition and award-winning acclaim, including ‘Best U.K Wedding Planner 2019’ in the Global Wedding Awards as curated by ‘LUXLife’ magazine.




WedTalks 2020 - Inspiration And Education To Grow Your Wedding BusinessKate Beavis- Connecting You With Your Ideal Couples Using Pinterest

Over 40 million people use Pinterest each year to plan their wedding – from finding inspiration, to sourcing product to booking their supplier. And many of these are women are not even engaged yet! Pinterest is more than a social media platform though – it is a visual search engine that you should be on to be found by your ideal couple. Kate will share easy to action tips for you to understand it better, that you can take away and action straight away and to state driving traffic to your website.

Kate is the founder of Magpie Wedding, a creative wedding blog, show, and digital magazine for couples wanting an alternative luxe wedding. She is also the director of The Indie Practice supporting creative businesses to get noticed through consultancy, coaching, training and her membership group. Kate has spent 18 years in retail marketing before setting up her award winning businesses, and last year won Business Woman of the Year for her county. She also is a craft writer for a national magazine, a published author and owner of a naughty dachshund sausage dog who she loves to walk in the Bedfordshire countryside with her two children.

WedTalks 2020 - Inspiration And Education To Grow Your Wedding Business


Christine Jenson – Improving your conversion rate through consultations that genuinely connect

The wedding industry is built on relationships and effective sales techniques rely on that personal connection. We all know it, but how can you achieve it?
Christine will draw on her twin passions for relationships and sales to increase your “woo”. That elusive sense of connection that matters so much. She will explain how to connect with your clients more effectively, to leave them feeling seen, heard and understood and, of course how to land the sale at the end of your consultations.

Christine Jensen is a pastry chef, award winning cake designer and wholehearted people person. With a background in the health service and counselling, she now owns and runs two luxury cake businesses in the coastal Cornish town of Penzance. She is the co-founder of The Cake Professionals, a national organisation that supports and enriches the businesses lives of UK custom cake makers.  Between cakes, Christine can be found writing, teaching and presenting at food shows, festivals, and business gatherings across the UK and beyond.


WedTalks 2020 - Inspiration And Education To Grow Your Wedding Business

Leigh Payne – Grow your audience with ease using technology

Booking more weddings starts with attracting more potential couples who are looking to book your service. Highly experienced tech expert Leigh Payne is going to show you how technology can be used to grow your audience, and run your marketing on auto-pilot.

Leigh is the Solutions Technologist, at Elevate Labs. He is a powerhouse systems scaling business man. Leigh has worked with academic institutions, retailers and government organisations such as London Fire Brigade to facilitate the systems and processes required to streamline any organisation. Leigh’s passion lies in empowering and supporting creative entrepreneurs and wedding professionals, to have the physical and online infrastructure to scale, service their customers exceptionally and ultimately increase revenue.


WedTalks 2020 - Inspiration And Education To Grow Your Wedding Business

Terry Lewis- Finding brides and grooms who book

Terry Lewis will talk about his established marketing strategies that have helped wedding suppliers for over five years.

· Helping your wedding business to rise out of this pandemic like a Pheonix with a more influential offer to brides and grooms.

· Teaching you how to grow your business, book better quality weddings, attract more work throughout the quiet months, increase your prices and bookings and improve incomes by 80%!

Terry is an 8-time wedding award winner (2 international and 6 UK), and now sits on the judging panel for The Wedding Industry Awards (TWIA), and the Weddings Online Awards in the UK and Ireland respectively. He’s delivered wedding marketing talks in America, Dubai, Athens and across England. Through his book ’12 Habits Of Successfully Booked Up Wedding Suppliers’, online marketing course ‘Phoenix’, and social media posts, he’s helped thousands around the world understand how to separate themselves from the market, to make getting booked by quality brides and grooms inevitable

WedTalks 2020 - Inspiration And Education To Grow Your Wedding Business


Phil Jenson – Time management to get business results

Life in the weddings industry is never dull. No two days are the same and the unexpected is…well…to be expected. So how do get the important things done in a creative environment where there is constant change, multiple clients and suppliers, and the small matter of you running your own business? Then of course there is the time hungry social media monster that constantly needs feeding.  Drawing on his experience in leading massive international business projects and then running a renowned luxury cake business Phil will share simple, practical and effective strategies to get the important stuff done.

Architect, international business manager, church minister and award winning cake maker. It’s fair to say Phil has had a diverse career, but three constants have run throughout it: a restless creativity, a passion for making things work better, and a desire to see people thrive. Starting as an award winning architect he went on to work for Procter & Gamble for ten years managing their transportation systems globally. Leaving that he stepped into church leadership for 9 years and he now works with his wife Christine in their luxury cake business. This business has won numerous awards and featured extensively on Channel 4’s Extreme Cake Makers. In 2019 Phil co-founded The Cake Professionals, an organisation for custom cake makers in the UK. Its aim is simple, to enable UK cake makers and their businesses to thrive.




If you want to know more abut WedTalks do drop us an email or visit our programme page here.  Or look at last years event on our 2019 Review Blog.

We look forward to seeing you at WedTalks this November.

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